Talent Concept

Firmly establish the concept of human resources as the primary resource, adhering to the tenet of "respecting the value of talents, shaping the quality of talents, and devoting to the growth of talents", people-oriented, concentric, and realize the common development of the company and employees.

Implement the goal of "strengthening the enterprise with talents", continue to optimize the human resources work system, and build a talent team with both political integrity and ability, loyalty and dedication, pragmatic innovation, honesty and responsibility, and outstanding performance.

Build an all-round development environment for talents that "has both ability and political integrity, pays equal attention to both internal and external, appoints people on their merits, and competes fairly".

Create a mechanism for employing and educating people with "platforms for officers, opportunities for innovation, space for development, and rewards for contributions".

Talent Concept
Talent Concept

Respect the value of talents

Always adhere to the concept of talents that everyone is a talent and everyone can become a talent, and highly recognize the ability, knowledge, experience, labor and creation of talents. Fully affirm the value and creative ability of each employee, and are willing to accept all talents who agree with the culture of China Overseas, have good professional quality, professional ability and performance contribution, give suitable positions, create a relaxed environment, and jointly create exciting careers.

Shaping the quality of talents

Good quality is the basis for employee success. The company not only pays attention to the cultivation of employees' external ability, but also pays attention to the shaping of employees' internal self-cultivation and good quality, so that talents can become loyal and reliable talents and talents with comprehensive and healthy development.